6 Essential Things to Consider When Buying a Used Motorcycle

In Indonesia, many people prefer motorcycle over cars. Besides being practical, the use of this

In Indonesia, many people prefer motorcycle over cars. Besides being practical, the use of this vehicle is more efficient, both in fuel costs and maintenance. However, not everyone can buy a new motorcycle. One alternative is to buy a used motorcycle.

Nevertheless, in buying a used motorbike, you should pay attention to several important things to avoid damage in the future.

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It would help if you considered the following tips before buying a used motorcycle:

1. Electricity Check

The first thing to note is checking the electricity on the motor. You do this by trying all parts that require power, such as horns, turning signals, and electric starter. Check whether they are still functioning well or not. Do not forget to check the condition of the battery (Accu) on the motor.

2. Check the engine oil

Check the oil filling before igniting. Some bad motorcycle dealer will overload motor oil to make the engine sounds smoother. Therefore, you have to check whether engine oil is overused or not.

3. Motor Routine Service History

Checking the routine service schedule of the motorcycle is mandatory. Ideally, every 2,000 km, the owner takes the vehicle to the workshop for a tune-up.

4. Check the Speedometer

Looking at the speedometer is the easiest way to choose a used motorcycle. The lower the kilometer, the higher the price of the motorbike.

5. Use Original Spare Parts

Used motorcycles are also prone to unoriginal spare parts. Please consider this when choosing a used vehicle.

6. Request Time for a Road Test

You can make sure the health of used motorcycles by doing a road test. It is to find out whether the vehicle is safe to drive.

However, there are some people and motorcycle showrooms, especially big motorbikes (MOGE) do not provide test-ride or road test opportunities. Therefore, pay close attention to the physical condition and history of the motor.