Examples and Ways to Deal With Problematic Employees

Do you have employees who often have problems in the office? This employee often makes

Do you have employees who often have problems in the office? This employee often makes mistakes and harms others. This then makes everyone in the office feel uncomfortable with such behaviors.

Handling this kind of employees requires patience. Even though this employee is smart, he/she also has a bad attitude that certainly cannot be tolerated. It would be best if you were firm about it so that the work environment remains conducive.

1. Employees who often come too late

You can understand if employees are late for work or attend meetings once or twice a month. You can understand it because delay can happen after being stuck in traffic, there is sudden business, not feeling well, and more.

However, if employees often arrive late, it is a bad habit. It would be best if you created strict rules so that employees learn to be disciplined. If not, employees will get used to being late to the office, and even coming late in attending meetings with clients. Work productivity and professionalism can also be declined because of this behavior.

2 Employees who often postpone work

If you have employees who like to delay work and won’t finish it according to the order, your employee does the job half-heartedly.

You can face this employee by giving a deadline for each task. The deadline will make he/she motivated to get the job done on time. However, if the work is haven’t done yet, then you should provide appropriate sanctions.

3. Employees who do not want to accept criticism

Everyone must learn to accept differences of opinion. However, employees who are anti critical are so difficult to work with. This employee is so firm with its opinion and underestimates the opinions of others. Even with you as someone with a higher position, he/she dares to fight.

Employees who have difficulty accepting criticism cannot work in teams. You must reprimand and give an understanding of why accepting criticism is necessary.

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4. Employees who Like to Gossip in the Office

Gossiping is a bad habit that is difficult for some people to break. Not only women, men sometimes like gossiping too. Some people like to gossip to bring down others.

Gossip can interfere with the harmony of work relations and make the office filled with intrigue. As a leader, you must remind your employees not to gossip in the work environment. If there are problems, resolve it openly.

5. Employees who often make the same mistakes

Employees must be able to change and develop themselves. You need to provide opportunities for your employees to learn from their mistakes. However, if the employee makes the same mistake repeatedly, it means the employee is not reliable.

You are assertive in dealing with employees who are always problematic. Don’t compromise any longer. Give letters of warning and sanctions to this employee.

Dealing with problematic employees in the office requires extra patience. If it is too much, you have the right to dismiss it and find a better person.