Follow these 5 steps for better access control management

Access control systems are an integral part of security. However, an entry management system will

Access control systems are an integral part of security. However, an entry management system will not be useful if the user cannot make the right steps to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Many people believe an access control solution is considered a direct system that doesn’t require much thought before installation. These are 5 steps to consider before using the access control system.

1. Set the purpose of the system built

A comprehensive security system must be able to determine the reasons for using various devices. So it is important to know why the access control system needs to be installed in a certain place. This will help to decide what type of technology is match and how the environment should be designed.

First and foremost, is to ascertain what is the fundamental objectives of system development and whether the current system has effectively provided that. Another important factor to consider is whether the placement of the control system works properly or not. By using the services of Rhenus Luprians, the access control system you use can work properly. Rhenus Luprians is an access control installation company that can provide technical installation solutions for customers. From high-tech storage and shipping to parking meters and reverse end-of-life logistics.

2. Check access rights

Conduct regular feasibility checks on who has the right to enter security management. If this is not your priority, it is so possible that people who enter or leave the room cannot be traced. Admin should consider enforcing this special access with a specified time.

Some systems are faced with problems of the number of active cards that control the system exceeds the number of employees. These mistakes often occur in a company, although this can be avoided by setting the card expiration feature.

3. Upgrade and update

Due to financial factors, implementation problems, or lack of willingness to make changes to the system, the old and outdated access control solutions are still used by the company.

Unfortunately, this makes everything easy for intruders to exploit technology and enter locations.

Security management should start installing encrypted technology to change the previous one.

Supposedly, the access control system must be renewed every ten years and not treated as a one-time investment.

4. Periodic Testing

Periodic testing is often applied well for the safety industry. For example, fire drills are held regularly in many commercial buildings. On the other hand, some company believes that security is not considered as something that requires frequent testing. This is the wrong mindset because it is certainly endangering the inhabitants.

The functionality of the building management system must be tested each month or regularly. Periodic testing will ensure the functionality of the device or system and allow security managers to plan any possible changes that are needed in advance.

5. Beware of Tailgater

The security administrator must pay attention to people who seem to only hold the door open for others but let an unauthorized person enter. This is an easy way to defeat technology without using sophisticated hacking tools.