How to have a presentable appearance in business world

Your appearance and personality have a significant impact on your business and outlook in corporate

Your appearance and personality have a significant impact on your business and outlook in corporate world. If you want to impress your colleague or your upper hierarchy, you have to be presentable. How can you do this?

Nice and Clean Clothes

You might think this is a cliché term and you already know this, but nice clothes mean formal wearing with fit or accurate size. If you are wearing too baggy or too fit formal clothes, you are creating your negative image towards your colleagues and bosses. So yes, size and fit matters.

Another important thing to notice your cleanliness of clothes, when you are wearing clothes you must make sure that it should be clean and tidy. Not repeat your clothes too much and it must be ironed. The ironed clothes should be set in the cupboard, so you can decide quickly. The creases should be perfect after ironing. These are basics but essential things to be done, it will create a significant impact in creating a positive image of your personality in the minds of your colleagues.


Shoes must be polished and matched or contrasted good with the clothes. For example, you are wearing a blue suit then brown shoes can go with them, if you are wearing black suit then black must be worn.

Tie and accessories

Tie must be worn carefully; the color and pattern of tie matters a lot. When you are buying a tie make sure that it will go with most of your suits, you should consult a business dresser or search internet for suitable suggestions.

Another thing is cufflinks, it should be decent and general that can go with most of your suits. You should have multiple cufflinks or backups. A silver decent cufflink is recommendable generally.

Belt and pocket square also should be contrasted well with the formal apparel. Pocket square must be worn on occasions or ceremonies, not in meetings or offices.


Your hair must be trimmed and set weekly or once in two weeks by a hair dresser. You must brush your hair before going to your workplace. Massage your scalp with boar bristle hair brush, it will give your hair a style and shine, which you can regularly carry to your workplace.

Personal development

Your personal traits matter too, you must adapt and develop according to your workplace environment. Don’t be too talkative, don’t be too shy and have your own good personality. Greet everyone, be polite and listen to everyone. Don’t bee too judgmental and avoid any conspiracies to get involved with.

These things matter a lot and if you are working in a multi-national workspace, you must have to adapt to these things. Being presentable takes a regular effort but the outcomes are very positive and huge. These things will have a long lasting effect on the minds of people around you.