Mistakes to Avoid as a Massage Therapist


Before venturing into the massage business, make sure you are a people’s person. Sometimes you find professionals offering body rub services very good at their job, but bad at keeping relationship with customers. Customers are what maintain your business, and pay attention to the old phrase that says “the customer is always right.”

It is suicidal to your business if you put a stunning Ad for massage services which turn out to a sour experience for customers. Such an instance can quickly work against your business in Orlando. Moreover, any customer who undergoes a bad ordeal during a massage session may leave a negative review about your business. So, below are some of the mistakes you are to avoid happening to any customer so as to make your massage business thrive.

Appearing Unprofessional

When you put up your ad out there to invite customers to your business, of course, the majority of them will try to call either to get affirmed whether what you are offering is true or maybe negotiate the session charges. Failure to pick their calls or return texts, customers will look for massage services elsewhere. Unless it is an emergency, always respond to customers plus courtesy when talking to them as that way will make them feel special. So, for customers regard you as professional, you have to embody similar professionalism as one, and otherwise, they will search for other Orlando body rub service providers. 

Not Delivering What Was Advertised

Never lie to prospective customers about body rub services you offer just to get them to come to your door. If on your ad you say to have the ability to provide deep muscle massage be sure to give exactly that and know where those muscles are. Always be honest to your customers especially if they request a specific massage service. In case, customer suspects you are not equipped with training about offering the said service, your ad will be labeled as bait. Advertise what you can provide as it is disheartening to see excited customers enter your door, but during exit disappointed is all over their face.

Poor Working Environment

Most of massage parlor businesses in Orlando are top class, some attending only to high-end clients. Therefore, your work area should be exceptionally clean and with all necessary materials to make the customer happy and comfortable. For instance, having smelly garments, a rickety table that will make customers lay there afraid as if something is about to explode. That straightaway portrays you as unhygienic and some therapist cites the reason for not having the right equipment as lack of finances to buy modern items. You cannot justify your lack of proper investment after customers experiencing hell in your office. Therefore, prior preparation is unavoidable for your business to stand out or you improvise plus ensure its 24/7 clean and presentable.

Having Poor Attitude to Clients

Massage businesses in Orlando are functional 24/7 throughout the year. Most therapists’ fear to take time off when the business is low, and when its peak season they are always busy with clients. Therefore, due to that nature of work, sometimes you may burn out in the process and rather than lose your cool to your customers, taking off can do you good. The ad that keeps preaching good name about your services, allow the same to be seen of you when customer meet you in person. Sometimes you may meet those customers who come with demands not indicated on your business, rather than you showing poor attitude, just ignore and maintain the professional face.


Basically, no one is perfect for both you and the customer. However, since it’s you in need of them avoid anything that may create bad blood between you and your clients. Keep your body rub business devoid of negative experiences from customers. A good name can spread quickly in Orlando and win you lots of favor plus referrals you never expected.