3 Tips for Choosing an English Course


There are four important elements in English that you must master such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Do you master the four elements? If not, taking an English course can help you master the four elements. The following tips will help you in choosing an English course.

1. Learning atmosphere

A pleasant learning atmosphere provides good benefits for you. You can understand the lesson better and you will be diligent in taking courses. Choose an English course that has a pleasant learning atmosphere and supportive learning facilities. St Andrews Dusit, British School Bangkok, has good facilities and an International curriculum in each class that makes learning fun.

2. Choose an English course that offers a placement test

Placement tests are important to know how far you understand English. If you already know the results, then you can choose the right course for you. The results of the placement test also help you to know which element you are most familiar with so that the program you choose can sharpen your skills.

3. Learning methods

English courses offer different learning methods. Some focus only on learning in the classroom and some others put forward an interactive learning method. Choose a learning method that suits you so you can study with enthusiasm. At the Learn stage, you will learn English material through books and interactions with professional teachers in a modern and comfortable classroom. In the next stage, you will interact with your teacher and friends using English. You will also be taught how to write and learn to express your opinions. In the Apply stage, you will apply what you have learned in class under real conditions through classroom activities. Last stage, Certify. The results of your hard work will be celebrated with your parents, teachers, and friends.